YOMU for teachers, parents and caregivers is a unique and innovative program created especially for people who work with children of all ages and in different environments and situations.

YOMU is a two hour workshop that can be taught in any school environment as well as for families, daycares, and even with caregivers for elders.

YOMU is an innovative approach to traditional education where teachers and students learn together, share ideas, connect creativity and imagination. Is a learning process for both sides.

During the YOMU workshop, teachers and caregivers will learn a wide variety of yoga poses combine with breathing techniques, meditation tools, visualization activities music games, rhythms, building of their own instruments, singing and music in a way that they can apply it in the classroom time.

YOMU is a program so easy to use that can be done on chairs, small rooms, open spaces.

YOMU does not required special tools or mats or previous experience either in yoga or in music from the teachers or from the students.

The activities are designed in a way that teachers can use it at any time and don’t have to follow a specific sequence to achieve a great response from the students. The program can be implemented in special education classes and for children with special needs.

YOMU is a result of years of experience teaching music and yoga. The wonderful results that manifest in thousands of students of all ages and a response for inquisitive teachers that are asking for a new method to help students learn the curriculum subjects with a new light and mentality.

YOMU objectives

Children of all ages are experiencing a tumultuous world around them.

Every stressful situation, crisis, tension and conflict in the family, at school, or in everyday life, affects them in a deep way and into the future.

But especially children and young adults are naturals for the practice of YOMU.

Their bodies are an open book to learn and observe, while their minds and emotions are in full development

Every time a teacher implements the YOMU method, the children will become more attentive at school, they will understand better their own emotions, where did they come from and how to deal with them.

Using this program in the classroom the students will be able to:

  • Transform bad habits into good ones.
  • Become leaders.
  • Learn peaceful conflict resolution.
  • Enhance their minds.
  • Activate their bodies preventing obesity and health problems.
  • Become active listeners.
  • Cultivate qualities of patience and respect.
  • Increment concentration and awareness with a more relaxed being.
  • Discover fine attention capabilities.
  • Improve their learning process and understand better their own inner world and the links and responsibilities with the surroundings.
  • Discover their unlimited possibilities in terms of movements, flexibility, openness that will help not only their bodies but also their minds and emotions.
  • Achieve a true sense of self confidence not giving by the outside but from within.
  • Discover values of friendship, love and higher levels of understanding.
  • Gain strong values of solidarity and citizenship.

The schools or families will benefit in a wide variety of aspects:

  • Better students and more compassionate human beings.
  • Immediate improvement in grades and behavior.
  • A class or a home with more harmony and understanding.
  • A general well being between the members of the community.